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Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

29 May 2010

Reflecting on Proverbs 8:22-31

Based on an icon by Andrei Rublev in the Tretyakov Museum, Moscow

Who are the people who decided the first reading for this Sunday?  I want to thank them personally for choosing that beautiful passage from the book of Proverbs (8:22-31) as the best section of the entire Old Testament to portray the work of God the Creator.  Did you hear it?  The creator of the universe had a playmate, a friend who played on the surface of the earth, who was with God at first, before the earth.  And of course that playmate was the Holy Spirit.

Ah, Wisdom (Holy Spirit).  You were God’s partner when the mountains settled into place, and when the limits of the sea were measured out you were there, delighting God day by day.

The other two readings today give us the Second and Third Persons of the Trinity as we usually think of them:  Jesus, the peace-giver, and the Holy Spirit, the truth-giver.  But oh, how lovely to think of the First Person through the poetry of Proverbs—the delighted, artistic, musical, wondrous creator of all that is.  Our universe is shot through with Wisdom, and we live in its endless mysteries.

Of course, our beloved dead whom we remember and honor this Memorial Day weekend know that Wisdom now in a much richer way than we who wait in joyful hope for the day we are reunited with them.  They know the Trinity intimately, as the never-ending love of God drawing us home.

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