It’s all about the story and you.  This website has one goal—to talk about, think about, wonder about the sacred story.  We intend to make some room in our conscious and unconscious for the eternal truths of Sacred Scripture to nest, and give birth, and connect us with the Story-lovers around the world.

Almost one-and-a-half billion Christians hear generally the same lectionary readings every Sunday.  Roman Catholics around the world, Methodists, Episcopalians, Anglicans, and yes, those good Lutherans in Lake Woebegone are all hearing the same story week by week.  Where is the heat?  Where is the chatter?  The Word of God goes out and it never returns without sowing, and watering, and harvesting.  Let’s start sharing in the harvest!

What did the journey of the Magi call up in you when you heard it this time around?  That wedding feast at Cana—what did you notice with its retelling for the hundredth time? The Body is one, but has many members.  So let’s hear from the Body! The eternal sacred stories are being repeated, over and over, to believers around the world. We intend to put out into the deep to fish for the ways the readings are working in us.

So please join the conversation!  Last summer millions and millions of us reached out from Mark’s Gospel, with the hemorraghing woman and Jairus’ little daughter, for healing.  We heard that Gospel, it found its secret place in us, but where was the worldwide sharing of how it worked in us, is still working in us, all these months later?

Let’s get talking, Church!  Let’s share with each other how the Story is exploding in our spirits as we connect with each other.  The sacred story can heal us all, but we have to give it room in our lives.

We’ve provided some of the best links for reflecting on the Scriptures as they unfold throughout the liturgical year.  Read, and listen, and pray, and dream.  And then get talking.