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Divine Mercy Sunday – Cycle A

Reflecting on John 20:19-31

Afterwards, people asked me questions for the rest of my life.  Why didn’t I believe the others when they told me the Lord had appeared to them that Easter morning? Wasn’t I ashamed to stand before him after I had demanded proof of his resurrection?


I don’t remember any of that.  When he entered the room that night everything changed forever.  My Jesus, my Savior, my Risen One was alive.  And all my deepest hopes came roaring back.

He showed me his wounds—his pierced wrists and his gaping side—but all the things I thought I needed to see and touch melted as he stood before me.  His face was so radiant with love for me, so full of joy for me, because he knew that with the words from his mouth I would come back to myself.

And then, after he ascended to heaven, I traveled far outside the Roman Empire to preach my Jesus, who loved me enough to come back to the room where I waited, longing, afraid to hope, secretly bursting with hope.

Are you afraid to hope that he will lead you out of your grave, just as he knew the way out of his own?  Listen to my voice, reaching you right now from the ancient Gospel.  He’s alive.

Is there a part of you is wrestling with unbelief these days?

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I have come to light a fire on the earth; how I wish it were already burning (Lk.12:49).

Easter - Cycle A

5 Comments to “Divine Mercy Sunday – Cycle A”

  1. This is a true statement.I know this to be a fact after what i lived thru.I have seen Christ myself back in 1998 along with the lake of fire.So many people today do not understand that Christ is always with us.All we have to do is reach out to him strait from our hearts.He is alive and so full of love no human can compare.I thank Jesus everyday of my life.If only some could of seen what i lived thru they would turn their life over to God and do every act of goodness.no matter what anyone tells me.I have seen him and i love him 100 percent with my entire core being.

  2. Beautiful and authentic, Kathy. Thomas takes a bad rap, but he’s probably the one disciple we all relate to if we’re honest with ourselves. Who among us would have been able to believe in those days without the proof Jesus offers so lovingly to Thomas…


  3. I understand Steve’s point, but not many in our midst have actually seen Jesus in the flesh — so, we have always had to walk by faith.

    The apostles I relate to even more than doubting Thomas are Peter and Paul. Every time I ignore a neighbor or speak unkindly to my husband, I am Peter denying Jesus before the cock crows.

    Before my conversion experience, I was like St. Paul — not understanding what the Church was all about and, persecuting people because of my own misunderstanding.

    Jesus’ forgiveness and mercy are beyond any unkind words I am able to speak, and certainly are able to forgive my petty misunderstandings.

    I am grateful for the mercy of God in my life — I would be sunk without it!!

  4. I have often wondered what I would have done if I had experienced Jesus arrested? would I have run away in fear?
    As much as I would like to pretend that I would have been strong, another part of me knows I would have run away.
    I see myself cowering in that upper room, and then he is there; loving us again! Showing us his wounds.
    I believe that Jesus will lead me out of my grave, even though I fear, I KNOW that Jesus will be there.
    Father, into your hands..

  5. Whenever I have had twinges of doubt I think of Thomas and repeat his words (paraphrased): My Lord and my God I believe, Help my unbelief. I agree with Steve, he is everyman.

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