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First Sunday of Advent – Cycle B

26 November 2011

Reflecting on Isaiah 63:16b-17, 19b; 64:2-7, Mark 13:33-37

Do you have a memory of the experience of feeling the presence of God in a moment so electric that it was as if God had “opened the heavens and come down, with the mountains quaking before him”?  Perhaps it was the birth of your child, or the recovery of a lost love, or a phone call from the exact person you were just thinking about.

We wait for Christ to come again in time, but we long for him to touch us in our own time, our own lives.  Think about those blessed moments of spine-tingling awareness that God is HERE, right now, opening doors that seemed closed, showing a way to reconciliation with those who were estranged, gently leading us through new insights and ancient, rock-solid creeds.

Imagine the servants, struggling to stay awake so they can greet the Master with a nice meal and warm hospitality when he returns.  I think Advent invites us to stay awake every day, to watch every day for the gentle presence of our Master who is already here.

What is your Advent practice of watching for Christ?

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I have come to light a fire on the earth; how I wish it were already burning (Lk.12:49).

Advent - Cycle B

5 Comments to “First Sunday of Advent – Cycle B”

  1. God bless the work-thanks

  2. barbarawatson825@comcast.net

    It was this teaching and understanding that brought me back to the church in 1980. My practice? Sitting in God’s presence.
    I second “God bless the work”. Thank you for your ongoing writing and sharing.

  3. A very dear friend of mine has been told that she has less than three months to live. As I spend time with her, I am so aware of how she was a person who helped me learn how to live justly, and now she is teaching me how to die gracefully. The other day, when I asked her how she was doing, really doing, she told me about things that were happening and then ended with “I’m at peace.” I keep asking myself, “What would I do, how would I feel/react if I were in her shoes?” I wonder if I would be at peace. I watch her let go of physical capacities, like balance and being able to walk with comfort. She’s lost appetite and energy. She was very active in the community and has definitely left a mark upon the hearts of many. How wonderful that she is able to keep her sense of humor. I watch this dying process and see Christ in her faith. This is my Advent practice, definitely different from any other year. Christ is coming to her in a new way, and because of my friend, I wait for Him to come to me.

  4. A new baby grandson was born to us yesterday and 1 hour
    later my mother passed away I am amazed by God’s
    SACRED TIMING we were waiting patiently for both and thank Him for His perfect love

  5. I have been struggling lately with a decision I had made over two years ago and was wondering why it brought me to where I am today. As I was reading “Give us this Day” I came upon 1 Peter 1:6-9, and found my answer. I had never really forgotten my religion but was estranged from my Catholic beliefs for a number of years thus searching out other religions and never really finding anything to satisfy me. When I moved here I started going back to the Catholic Church and I am now involved in a much stronger way then I ever was before. I know now that God needed me to come here to come back to him. I thank him everyday for being in my life.

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