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Third Sunday – Easter Cycle C

Reflecting on John 21:1-19

He came to us again this morning.  We were out in the boat, the seven of us, still fishing.  Still fishing, even after everything that’s happened!  But we were restless.  Afterwards, we talked about how we had sensed him there by the water, sensed a change in the way the sea moved when he was near.  Mary of Magdala told us it must have been the same feeling she had when she went back to the tomb that day.  First she saw two angels in the tomb, but she sensed that Someone even greater was there.  She turned, and there he was, waiting for her.  But even she didn’t recognize him at first!  But of course when he called her by her name―that beloved voice, saying her name―she knew it could only be him.

The Catch of Fish

That’s how we felt, too.  It could only be Jesus calling us, telling us where to find the fish.  Only Jesus at the charcoal fire as we, famished, pulled our huge catch to shore.  Only Jesus loving Simon Peter back to life.

Do we love you, Jesus?  You know we do.  And we promise to keep fishing, pulling all the nations, all who will ever recognize and love your voice, into your wide net of love.   Only you know how far and high and wide and deep is your endless net.   Only you know where all those who secretly long for you are waiting.

Only you know how hungry we are.

Sharing God’s Word at Home:

Do you know someone who is longing to be found by the Church?

Easter - Cycle C

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