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Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Cycle A

9 February 2014

Reflecting on Matthew 5: 13-16

I am surrounded by light.  I can’t even remember what darkness looks like.  Every time I pick up a bulletin, every time I have a conversation with a friend, well, I am almost blinded by light.

Have you noticed that Jesus didn’t say, “Do good works and you will be the light of the world”?  He said, “You ARE the light of the world.”  YOU, right now, are a little lantern walking around in your home, your job, the soccer field, your parish.  And every time you share your bread with the hungry this huge burst of light pours out of your lantern and warms everyone around you.

YOU are the city set on the hill.  You know that enchanting, light-filled house you can see from the highway and want to drive over and see it up close?  That’s YOU.  And every time you shelter the oppressed and the homeless your house becomes even more inviting, more alluring than the brightest star, and immigrants and refugees take courage as they make their way towards it.

YOU are the salt of the earth.  You know that gracious, open-hearted, open-handed person who removes oppression, false accusation and malicious speech? That’s YOU.  And every time you stop gossip in its tracks and end conversation that is hurtful of others, YOWZER!  A gigantic salt-shaker makes everything around you delicious.  Bring on the margaritas and chips.

Want to make your city on the hill even more visible? Check out www.oxfam.org.  Want to give out more light than a supernova?  Go to www.covivo.org .  Let the Vincentian charisms wash over you, and then step back.

Break forth, oh beauteous heavenly light.

Who are there people in your life who radiate light?

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I have come to light a fire on the earth; how I wish it were already burning (Lk.12:49).

Ordinary Time - Cycle A

7 Comments to “Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Cycle A”

  1. People in my life who radiate light have always been people I see at mass week after week. What great training we get in prayer and spirituality by coming back to mass every week. I am also grateful for a mom and dad who radiate light and faith to me and all those around them.

  2. There are so many people in my life who radiate light, but to tell the truth, I never think of MYSELF that way. This reflection really stopped me in my tracks!Anyway, some of my “lights” are: the teacher down the hall from me who always seems to have the time for and a way with the worst-behaved kids in school, the nurses who care for my mom in the nursing home, my precious grandchildren who are so open, loving, and accepting, our priest who is always so warm and welcoming. If you look for it, you can always find a light somewhere in your life, right?

  3. Kathy, that is a amazing view of the loving and giving nature of humans! Iam a house mate with two of the best examples of this weeks Gospel. They are always extending good will to those around them. I am learning a lot from their true acts of Christian love. They aren’t the kind who boast about themselves. They just see a need and act on it to the best of their ability. They saw a need for me to relocate and they came to Colorado to move here. Just being around them makes me want to imitate them. You know I have always thought that Good deeds are contagious! And may be that the secret our Lord was teaching here, if everyone did just a simple kind gesture out of the kindness of their heart, I bet in no time it would spread world over. There are things everyone can do, visit a sick person may do there dishes, dump their trash or walk their dog. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or if you don’t have any just your company will pick their spirits up. The light that shines forth just might be the shine in their eyes. We all have a gift to share rather we know it or not. The many time I have been hospitalized seeing a person stopping with Communion lift me up and my whole mood has changed. It’s so simple and also so seldom that people act on the chance to act.

  4. Good insight on being light even before the good deed. The sequence is important. Thanks, Kathy.

    Good deeds are contagious – – I need to remind myself of that too. Thanks, Becky.

  5. Cris, every time you look pass the misspelled words and the typos right to the meaning You are doing a good deed. That just it A light on the hillside or the salt that favors a simple dish cost nothing more then a moment of time and a kind word, Being Christ like is a easy thing to do but doing a Christ like deed cost time and sometimes our reputations Thank You for lighting up my day.

  6. Suzer mentioned the “people she sees at Mass week after week” and this reminded me of my professor who said: “Do not underestimate routine because routine is the backbone of life.”

  7. My husband is a light, after working a 48 hours helping people in crisis all.night long, he comes home and although incredibly sleep deprived will be up late helping with our sick daughter or offer to help around house.he does a great job being bright and cheery with little sleep. Now that is a light!

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